Posted by: Caitlin Cavanaugh | February 21, 2010

Lighting – My favorite

This has been my favorite assignment yet! It was challenging at first because I had never worked with lights before. It didn’t take long before I was comfortable around it and after the last project taking photos of people wasn’t difficult.

This picture was my favorite of the ones taken in the studio. It was taken using a three light set up with our models sitting on the floor. I like it because the boy is in focus and staring at the girl, who is not in focus. The boy’s eyeline leads the viewer to the girl who is looking away from him. It is also dramatic because she is lighter than he is because he is in her shadow because of the light that is by her face. His shirt is also a lot darker than her bare shoulders so it’s as if he is almost blending into the background. Yet, he is one in focus so this isn’t the case.

This photo also has a story behind it that I find visually stimulating because I want to know why he looks so upset/serious and why she won’t give him any attention. There is a lot of emotion in this photo and I think it makes the photo look even more attractive than it would if the emotion was missing.

It was a challenging photograph to take because using three lights was difficult. I wasn’t sure where to place the lights or which direction to take the photo. I just went with it. Although, I liked this project more than the last one because I was able to use people I knew as the models.



  1. I like how the guy looks mysterious and creepy because he’s in the dark, which is a good contrast to the girl is in the bright lights. I think it would look even cooler if both of the subjects were in focus.

  2. I really like the emotions of your subjects. The lighting is also great; I like the black background ! Only suggestion would be to have made the male character a little brighter or even just a hair light behind him, so his hair doesn’t blend in with the curtain.

  3. I love the drama of this shot. You were also one out of two groups that used more than one person and it paid off. If you would have included more of their bodies I think it would have added a little more uumph( if that’s a word) to it.

  4. I love that this photo clearly tells a story. I think that you hit the lighting on his face and body perfectly, the darker shadows shows more of a dramatic feel to the photo. Your other model seems to be more washed out and almost has too much light. I think if you had been able to fix the lighting to add some lighter shadow on her face it would have been even better. This was a really neat photo though, good job.

  5. This picture is cool because it uses two models, which makes it stand out. The models expressions are really cool and seem to tell a story. I would have liked to see what it would have looked like if he had just a tiny bit more light on him and she was also in focus.

  6. I really liked this photo because it makes me think about the possible story behind it. Their facial expressions are extremely interesting, and their positioning is great. I think the photo would be even better if the guy in the photo had been a little more lighted.

  7. This photo is one of the best story telling pictures of the class. It’s funny that you just grabbed them and they made this story out of nothing. Christian’s eye line is great and her expression is very telling. I wish that they were both in focus or she was more out of focus because I find myself looking to her second and then I really want to see her expression clearly.

  8. The tension between subjects and eye lines in this photo are phenomenal. I do the lighting of the woman is a little bit harsh and jarring compared to the lighting on the man however.

  9. The story in this photo is excellent. I’m also a fan of the guy’s expression. The girl’s face is a little overexposed, though.

  10. I really like how you set this picture up with the very dark background the the position and facial expressions of the subjects. The only thing I might change would be the harsh shadow on the guys face it seemed a little distracting to me. But overall really nice photo.

  11. Cool picture! The two eye lines of the subjects are very mysterious and add a cool feel to the picture. I would try to add more light to the guy’s face in the back so he can match the girl’s.

  12. I love this picture! I especially love how this picture is conveying a story. By having him in focus, your eye is drawn directly to him, and his eyelines draw you to the girl. Great job!

  13. I really love the expression and the lighting on the male subject. I feel like this picture would’ve been more successful if he had just been the focus because the female is so bright and distracting.

  14. I love this picture because I think that it tells the best story out of all the pictures. I really like how the boy in the background is more in focus than the girl in front.
    One thing would be to watch the exposure on her right cheek.

  15. I really like the story you captured here, Caitlin. There is an obvious relationship between the two models and it draws my attention.

    I wish the girl model could have been more in focus though. That would have made the shot crisp and more professional looking.

  16. This is a great picture. I like how it seems to tell a story. The lighting is cool as well because it comes from different directions but has a sort of layered effect. The shadow on Christians cheek might be a little too harsh, but not too bad.

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