Posted by: Caitlin Cavanaugh | February 28, 2010

All Star Shoes!

The absolute hardest part about this project was finding a lighting kit to use. Due to the shortage of equipment we all had to share cameras and kits. I had a lot of fun doing this project because I got to take pictures of my favorite product – converse all stars!

Katie and I took this picture against a white wall in West. The shoes are on my feet and I crossed my ankles to make the photograph more dynamic. Then we took the medium sized lamp and put it off to the side. After a few pictures like that it was proving to be difficult so we moved the light back a little ways until we got this lighting on the shoe. Something we realized afterwards was the gradient on the white wall. The wall is whitest closest to the light and then grows dark as it gets farther away – and it adds more to the photo because it adds a background.

While taking these product photos I thought it was difficult to have a background for a pair of shoes because they were so self explanatory. Therefore, instead of using a background I thought a white wall was the easiest way to make the shoes stand out. Also, in my mind the simpler the better.

My favorite part of the photo is the text face :p that is on the shoe on the left because it is a well known face. It is also lit really well  and stands out against the white tongue of the shoe. After photographing my shoes for an hour and a half I came to realize that shoes are one of the hardest products to photograph. Then again they are my favorite product so I couldn’t imagine photographing anything else!



  1. Good shot. The gradient of light on the wall does add more to the photo. I liked the framing you chose including where you decided to cut off. The top left corner has a weird shadow, but that’s easily cropped.

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