Posted by: Caitlin Cavanaugh | April 7, 2010

The King and His Queen

This project was the perfect opportunity for me to try something new. This something new was a stop motion video of a chess game. At first it was difficult to know where to move the pieces and how far between each position, but it became easier as time went on.

I came up with this idea when I was in Atlanta visiting my cousins and I saw the chess board set up on the table. The way it was set up it looked like a love story between the King and Queen and somehow they weren’t allowed to be together.

Then I thought, why would the chess pieces fight? There had to be a reason and that is when I figured that maybe it was over the Queen. The way I set up the board was the antagonist King (the cloudy side) had taken the protagonist King (the clear side)’s Queen hostage. I just ran with it from there.

In order to create a protagonist and an antagonist just using pictures I tried to make the viewer feel sorry for the Clear King. By putting him on his own and showing him separate from his Queen. Also, by making the opposing team since more hostile (by giving them more order and all the pieces) I tried to give the Clear side the air of being underdogs. This allowed them to be viewed as the protagonists.

After completing this project I have to say that I am proud of how it turned out. I’m looking forward to doing more stop motion videos in the future.



  1. Your photostory was very creative with the chess pieces. I wish I knew the game more so I could fully understand the plot! Your photos were in focus and you used good lighting. Next time try to really emphasize the protagonist and antagonist so the viewer has a full understanding of what’s occurring.

  2. This was a creative spin on a simple little game. It was kind of hard to understand why the two were fighting but other than that you did a great job at showing stop motion!

  3. I liked your story and lighting. I had the same problem with the fact that if you do one move you need to spend more time to let the audience catch up. Great job!

  4. I know for a fact that you worked verty hard on this and I want to let you know… your work paid off! Your photographs were very well done and the stop motion was awesome. Fantastic Job!

  5. I loved that you did stop motion with yours and that it had such a unique story with it. Your focus was really great and so was your lighting. It was sort of hard to see the difference in the clear pieces so I think that it would have helped out. Overall good job!

  6. I really liked the focus and exposure in your photos and the stop motion was well done. The story was a little vague but the visuals were great.

  7. Your video had a good story, but I think the photos would’ve turned out better if there was a greater contrast between the chess pieces. Good focus.

  8. This was really cool. I wish I knew more about the game of chess so I could fully understand what the chess pieces were. Your pictures had great focus.

  9. The stop motion you used showed a lot of dedication and patience! Great job!

  10. I know you worked very hard, great job because it really paid off ! Only problem was the clarity of the story! But other than that, NICE!

  11. I liked how you made the pieces seem like people and have personalities at first but I would have liked for you to have forgone the game and simply had the pieces fight. I don’t know chess so I got caught up in trying to figure out what was going on with the game when it wasn’t relevant.

  12. You took an idea that I never would have thought of and managed to make it something creative and interesting. I do wish that you would have used less pieces because at times I got confused.

  13. I liked how you did a stop motion since a lot of people did not. I also like the stroy witht the capturing of the queen.

  14. Very creative. I totally followed. Epic. Excellent stop motion.

  15. This was a creative idea, but I think that the pieces were too similar in color to really tell what was going on. Your music also went really well with the video.

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