Posted by: Caitlin Cavanaugh | September 6, 2010

Short Snippets or Endless Editorials: How Do You Like Your News?

The first chapter in Inside Reporting was a review of the journalism section of COM 100. It was refreshing to read and know that I had retained all the information. Chapter two had more in-depth explanations for what happened in the newsroom that I didn’t know before reading it. In general I like Harrower because his book can be read like a magazine, on the other hand I was easily distracted by it. The graphics that accompanied the explanations which made the passage easy to follow and remember.

As I read through these chapters and the history of media, I realized how drastically media has changed. The spreading of news has gone from word of mouth to long newspaper articles to quick twitter updates. I think it’s the reduced attention span of most Americans that has caused the media to change. No one has the time or focus to read long newspaper articles, so they have started tweeting their headlines instead. In this way I’m surprised newspapers still exist and I think they may disappear in another ten years.

The newest generation of people in their young twenties hardly read the paper. I know that I’ve never read through an entire newspaper in one sitting and I could probably count on one hand the number of people I know that read a newspaper daily. Our generation acquires news differently and in faster ways. Whenever I think about reading a newspaper I always think about twitter and how much faster it is and therefore leaving me more time to do other things.

Although after reading this week’s Harrower assignment I have started to change my view on newspapers. At first I thought they weren’t being read and were a waste of paper. Now I understand what they do for the news industry and I feel like I am missing something by not reading a paper daily.

I also feel as if it’s harder to get away from the news because there are so many outlets. It is so difficult to ignore it that I might as well know as much as I can about what’s going on in the world. I have decided that reading the paper doesn’t tell people what is going on in the world instead it explains what’s going on in the world.


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