Posted by: Caitlin Cavanaugh | October 25, 2010

Broadcast journalism is a stepping stone on the path to success

I wasn’t expecting the leap from writing articles to writing broadcasts to be as dramatic as it was. The jargon, the way of writing and the amount of information needed to write a broadcast script is much different than writing articles. It’s interesting how two different media outlets can produce such similar results.

When I first started to look at the process of writing something for television and radio versus an article I thought it was going to be much easier because there wasn’t as much writing. But as I began working through the jargon I found that it was difficult to pack all the information into a short time block because I didn’t have as much room to explain what had happened.

As I move from writing articles to writing broadcast I think I will enjoy writing the scripts because they are shorter and in a way they are more informative. They also bring together a lot of different media which is interesting to piece together.

Through out this section of the class I am excited to see how my broadcast scripts improve, like my articles did. After reading this weeks Harrower I think I am going to find myself listening and watching the news differently. Having to write broadcast scripts has made me interested to see how the professionals do it, much like I wanted to read articles written in papers after having to write articles of my own.

The next outside assignments that will be written as news reports instead of articles is going to be interesting because I’m not used to it. I will be ready to sit down and write an article and instead I will have to bring a new format to mind and figure out how I can make it sound like me. It’ll be starting from scratch and I’m excited to have this new experience under my belt.


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