Posted by: Caitlin Cavanaugh | November 15, 2010

Helpful websites for journalism students

There are many websites out there that are helpful for journalists and students studying journalism. Many of these sites are visited based on preference. I have looked through many of these websites and have found several that have the capability to aid in research and learning.

The most helpful of all the websites I found had to do with the specifics of journalism. Websites such as the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors ( give insight into the specific information that would be helpful in writing an article. It also explains different ways to cover media. An example is how to use iMovie. A few other websites that can help are ones specified for newspaper editors, newspaper columnists and news designers. Each of these websites help distinguished what is needed for each of the jobs. Each website has information on upcoming events and tips. The sites:   , and

There are also websites used specifically for public relations. The Public Relations Society of America is useful in learning the ins-and-outs of public relations. By starting to learn what is going on in the world of public relations it would help students find internships and jobs. (

Another few websites that I find extremely helpful are useful for reporters. The Journalist’s Toolbox and the Reporter’s Desktop are useful because are easy to read and helpful. The Toolbox has a compilation of links that will lead to other sites that will give journalists the information they need to write stories. Some of the most recent links are for the holidays or politics. The Desktop is useful when needing to find information. It has a compilation of different tools that a reporter would need all in one place. These include Google maps, search engines (like Yahoo or Google) and a dictionary with a thesaurus. (,

The last couple websites are for newswriting workshops and tips for writing for television. ( Newser ( is an interesting way to view news that’s not very common. Can be used as research to see other ways to write news instead of using just print stories. Shows what the future could hold when it comes to news.

The way news is being written and viewed is changing. These various websites, plus many others will help journalists learn more about how to adapt.


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