Posted by: Caitlin Cavanaugh | November 15, 2010

The news in 2025 will be extremely different

In 15 years it will be 2025 and things will probably be a lot different than they are today. What we wear, what we eat, what we watch on television and how we get our news.

Today most news is still spread by newspaper, although that is changing. The shift from print to digital news is coming closer and eventually it will be permanent. I think in 15 years all print media will cease to exist.

Eventually people will realize we need to conserve natural resources, like trees (or they will all disappear) and digital means will become more popular. By the year 2025 it is probable that everyone will have some sort of smart phone. We are almost to that point today, so give the world another 15 years and I’m sure that change will be complete.

Due to the invention of iPads and other digital readers I think all newspapers will turn into digital files that can be downloaded and read whenever, wherever. I think this will also change the timeliness of news. It will become more immediate for the reader because the stories won’t need to be printed.

I don’t think there will be anyone that will be able to read standard newspapers and that all news will be digital. We are heading towards the paperless age so in 15 years we should be there.

It will be delivered through updates via iPhone or iPad. Although give apple another 15 years and it will probably be a small ear piece that will tell us the news and we won’t even have to read anything. Who knows where the news is headed because all I know is that it is going to be much different than it is today. The biggest change is that somehow it will be delivered shorter, digitally and more immediately than the news today.


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