Posted by: Caitlin Cavanaugh | November 29, 2010

Restless voters will cause the majority in the House to turn over; Charlie Cook predicts the outcome of the midterm elections

By Caitlin Cavanaugh

“Danger, Will Robinson, danger,” Charlie Cook quoted in his best imitation of the Robot from Lost in Space. Many people, in the audience, laughed along with him as he used the well-known quotation to describe the direction the country is currently going in today.

According to Cook, the majority of the Senate is about to turn over to the Republican Party once again. In the last couple months, it has become evident that the midterm elections are going to be different than they have been in the past. Throughout the last 40 years, the majority in Congress has flipped between the Republicans and the Democrats a few times. The turnover rate has increased in the past 10 years because of “very fickle voters with itchy trigger fingers,” Cook said.

Charlie Cook is well known for his political analysis and has been working in Washington, D.C. for 26 years. “I was born and raised in Louisiana, I went to Washington and never quite made it back home,” he said, during a brief interview before he spoke to the students and faculty of Elon University. In the past he has worked with networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS and was on The Colbert Report. He is specifically looking at the midterm

lections in hope of predicting what will happen. “I don’t know if President Obama is going to get re-elected,” Cook

said. “Midterm elections are terrible predictions of what will happen in two years.” Cook believes the election of

2012 is going to rely on three things, the unemployment rate at the time, what is going on in Afghanistan, and who the Republican candidate is going to be.

“Strange things are happening,” Cook said as he spoke about the consumers in America, “people are spending less, saving more, paying off debts, and investing in conservative means.”

Things are changing in this country. It’s evident when looking at the birth rate of last year; it was the lowest it has been in 100 years.

The Democrats love Obama, but the Independent voters feel as if “it’s not the cruise they signed up for,” Cook said. The people of this country are going through a tough patch that could last for many years. Current college students need to prepare themselves for a tougher job market. The Democrats’ reign is coming to an end as Obama is struggling with the economy, Afghanistan, and the increasing unemployment rate. The Democrats have begun to lose their fire and have quickly begun to burn out.

Charlie Cook finished his talk on his predictions of the upcoming midterm election with a quick joke: “I’m thinking of a way to cheer you up, but if you’re a Republican, you’re already cheered up.”  The audience seemed to relax and utter a chuckle even though prospects of what could happen to the country in the following months hovered in the air.


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